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Having a website or webshop made: how does that work?

Do you want to have a website or webshop made? Then it is useful to prepare everything yourself before I get started. Below you can see how the development works.

Let's go live!

Step 1: register domain name

You start by registering your domain name or maybe you already have one and choose a suitable hosting package. Do not underestimate the hosting, because the disk space you take out has a lot of influence on the speed. Are you stuck? You can let me take care of your hosting. If you would like more information or help with a suitable hosting, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Step 2: strategy session Time to brainstorm!

To prepare for this session you will first receive a questionnaire. During the (online) strategy session, we determine together what the website should look like. What is the purpose of the website? What functions should it have and what will the design look like? Do you not yet know who your ideal target group is, which colors should come to the fore, what the tone-of-voice is and how you translate the value of your company to the market? Then it is wise to first determine your brand identity.



Step 3: preparatory work

Do you know what your website should radiate? Start collecting content now. Take suitable photos, write (SEO-proof) texts or enlist the help of professionals. If you find that difficult, I'll be happy to help you and make advice for you on how to do this. Then I can start designing.


Step 4: Building the website Has the design been approved?

Of course this takes some time. Building a website is a process. I will send you the first concept design after about a week. Has the design been approved? Then the creation of the website can begin! Construction takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks.



Step 5: delivery

The website is ready and during a final Zoom conversation we put the dots on the i. Do you want to know how to maintain and adjust the WordPress website yourself? For a small extra charge I will explain everything in detail during a personal online training. I also make a video tutorial so you can always watch it back.

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